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INCONTROL Issue Tracker (JIRA)


Welcome to INCONTROL Issue Tracker (JIRA)

The INCONTROL Issue Tracker (JIRA) lets you track the status and progress of all your support requests. Additionally, you have access to the issue trackers for the Enterprise Dynamics and Pedestrian Dynamics software products. As a customer, you cannot create issue directly on these trackers, but you are free to browse and comment on them.

  • If you want to report a new problem with one of our software products or request a feature or improvement, click Create New Issue. All support issues you create can only be seen by you and INCONTROL. If the problem you report is a bug in the software, we will create an bug issue in the appropriate tracker and link it to your support issue.

  • Under Browse project you find the issue trackers for all the projects you may (at least) browse.

  • Using Find issues you may filter issues on certain criteria. We have provided the most commonly used filters already in the panel to the right.

  • Before you start using the INCONTROL Issue Tracker (JIRA), read this manual.

Note: We experience minor problems with Internet Explorer 9. Use an alternative browser instead.

Happy simulation and hopefully we do not see you here too often ;-)

The INCONTROL Simulation Software Development Team

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